As a web designer & developer, I build beautiful websites and create eye-catching designs that provoke emotion and feelings about a product or service.

Technical skills:HTML/5 & CSS/3  •  JavaScript  •  jQuery  •  PHP  •  MySQL  •  Illustrator  •  Photoshop

What I can do:Front-end development  •  CMS & Wordpress sites  •  Email marketing  •  Brochures, flyers, ads, etc

Web Design / Development

Doctor Oz Circolo Illy Herbalife PintMeisters Hoboken Brewing Company MIK Fund Solutions Barnes and Nobel Video Library MIT Toyota Prius Ask an Expert Green Valley Landscape, LLC Foremost Groups, Inc. ImageFixr

Design Work

Green Valley Aeration Promo MIT iGem Flyer RBARI Flyer


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portfolio ........ pdf

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Check out my latest project, lightbase-css - a lightweight %-based responsive CSS template to be used as a bootstrap for developers.